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Here at Best Quality Alterations we understand that uniforms play an important role in our lives. That’s why we offer special deals on uniform tailoring and repairs. We’ve done this so you can look your best at work and your children can have the smartest look in class.

A uniform is a second skin. We wear our uniforms more than anything else in our wardrobe, they deserve to be treated right. More importantly, you deserve to look excellent when you’re in them. This is where we come in, getting your uniforms tailored to fit you perfectly. It completely transforms your presentation and makes wearing your uniform more enjoyable.

Not matter where you work or school, your everyday work uniforms are bound to develop a few problems. It could be anything from wholes, split seams to reconfigured fabric. No matter what has happened to your uniform we are able to help, and give you a good price for it.

Uniform maintenance is for everyone whatever your field of work, whether it’s on a construction site, in a hospital or an office. Once we’ve fitted your uniforms perfectly and repaired any problems we recommend that you keep it in its superb condition with our dry cleaning service. We continue our specials deals into dry cleaning for school uniforms.

Come on into the store and have a chat with our friendly tailors about your uniforms. We understand no body wants to have to spend their hard earned cash on the their work clothes. That’s why we’re so willing give you a great deal for quality work.

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