What We Do


We are Adelaide's Trusted Tailor, and offer different Clothing Alterations and Dry Cleaning services.

Fashion Tailoring

Here at Best Quality Alterations we work with excellent tailors, who pride themselves on their meticulous approach to constructing and altering clothing.

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Clothing Alterations

There’s a good reason why we’re called Best Quality Alterations, because were known for our alterations being the best quality in town.

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Dry Cleaning

Best Quality Alterations promises to bring your clothing to its highest potential. Not only will we fit or fix your clothing, we clean and press it too.

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Clothing Repairs

You don’t need to throw away old or damaged clothing, you just need to get it repaired. Perhaps it’s your favorite suit jacket that’s had holes worn into it.

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Formal and Bridal

We love to work with elegantly designed dresses and craftily constructed suits, as we’re passionate about perfection. We continually work with high-end fashion labels.

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Here at Best Quality Alterations we understand that uniforms play an important role in our lives. That’s why we offer special deals on uniform tailoring and repairs.

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