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Clothing Alterations

There’s a good reason why we’re called Best Quality Alterations, because were known for our alterations being the best quality in town. Ask anyone or check out our reviews. Our most popular requests are alterations to clothing. No matter the problem your experiencing with your clothing we can fix it.

We do every kind of hem you can think and more. Whether it’s a simple, original, rolled, blind or false hem for pants, dresses, skirts, shirts or jackets. Often bought clothing doesn’t fit properly, that’s where we can shorten or lengthen, take in or let out, loosen, make elastic, pad out or resize in anyway that you need.

The term clothing alterations refers to correction or change to existing garments. It could be making your clothing fit the way you want, as is the most common request. But it could also be, embellishing or restyling.

With 25 years of experience, our tailors have seen it all and fixed it all. Bring your clothing into the store and we can offer our best advise and a stunning professional finish.

Many alterations we can do on the day. If you’ve be shopping in the Mall pop past our store and get your new clothing to fit perfectly and pick it up just a few hours later. You don’t need to go one more day with poorly fitting or broken clothing, just drop it into us.

You’ll be more than happy with our excellent alterations. Before you know it you’ll be bringing your whole wardrobe in for perfecting.

Clothing Alterations
Clothing Alterations
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