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Clothing Repair

You don’t need to throw away old or damaged clothing, you just need to get it repaired. Perhaps it’s your favorite suit jacket that’s had holes worn into it. Maybe your sentimental about a pair of fraying pants. It could be last night’s dress that ended up with a tear or one of your work shirts that’s lost half the buttons. Whatever casualty your clothing has suffered, we can help it to continue to survive in your wardrobe.

For the majority of cases, we can make garments seem as good as new, completely disguising the original problem. In the rarer cases of absolute clothing tragedy, we can solve the problem with a neat finish and make your clothing wearable again. If, for example, you rip a huge hole in the back of your leather jacket, we can patch the whole with additional leather and strengthen the damaged area with stitching.

From fine fabric dresses to heavy-duty work pants, whatever problem you’ve come across we’ve got the solution. Just come on in to the store and we can chat about how we can give you the best possible outcome.

Its always worth getting good clothing repaired. Don’t let it sit in your cupboard, unable to be worn, any longer.

We can even do on-the- day-repairs. So keep us in mind, when you snag your shirt on a hook on the way to a meeting, or burst a seam on your lunch break. We’re conveniently located in the heart of the Adelaide city, just off Rundle Mall. Here at Best Quality Alterations, we look forward to being able to get you back into your beloved clothing once again!

Clothing Repair
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